Branding VS Marketing Whats the Difference?

Branding and marketing are two separate things even though we often use the terms interchangeably. Both are important to help you have a successful small business. My goal is to go over a few of the differences between the two terms.

Branding vs. Marketing

Marketing is the activities a company undertakes to promote its products and/or services. The goal in marketing is to attract interest in the company’s products and/or services. It has tons of different methods from SEO, email marketing to social media marketing. To first develop a successful marketing strategy, you must know your target audience and the brand’s identity, messaging, and voice. Branding is more internalized than marketing. It helps you define who you are as a company. It’s also first in determining how successful your marking efforts and business will be. It is important to determine your branding strategy to build brand awareness, recognition, and a solid reputation. To do that you must be clear, concise, and consistent. That’s where branding comes in. Branding consists of your name, logo, fonts, and color palette. It helps you become distinct from your competitors and can even be trademarked. 

They need each other!

Branding by itself may be interesting, but it’s not enough to generate business. Marketing assists a business in gaining revenue. Marketing needs branding to succeed in its goals. Both used together correctly help you gain brand recognition.