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Desert Paw is my passion project! I make handmade bandanas, design dog mom T-shirts and accessories and sell dog toys. This site uses Woocommerce, custom post types, OceanWp, Elementor and more! 

Training For All is a local dog trainer’s website. This site uses Woocommerce, Amelia, OceanWp and Elementor. 

Thomas Grier is an Arizona local lawyer who needed a template site. This site uses Elementor Pro, Gravity Forms, Essential Add Ons, and custom CSS. 


See the Pen TARDIS by Jessica (@jrenee0605) on CodePen.

Tardis disappears when you hover over it! Best viewed at 50% 

See the Pen Alien by Jessica (@jrenee0605) on CodePen.

See the Pen Pride JavaScript Animation by Jessica (@jrenee0605) on CodePen.

Pride Animation that I made for Pride month. Please click “Rerun” to see animation. Best viewed at 50% on mobile.